zondag 19 februari 2012

What a Fun day we had

Yesterday we had a SWIRL-A-PALOOZA day at SWIRLYDOOS, and it was soooooo much fun. We, the Design-Team and Education-Team, had pepaired lots of fun projects and tutorials and the responses from the participant were overwhelming. Thank you ladies for all the sweet words.

I prepaired a video tutorial for this *Blending Foam - Storage Binder*
Which if you LOVE Distress Inks, You want to have one!
Front cover:
some close up's:
I handmade the dangling, from beads and a Tim Holtz Swivel Clasp.
I added some clips, for having the opportunity, to hang Blending Tools along the binding.
I added the closure, not because it needed one, cause the binder itself will close perfectly, but because I like the way it looked.
This binder has room for the original 36 colors of Distress Ink PLUS the 4 Limited Editions. I made room (on the inside of the binding) for an extra 5 *spare* ones. As you can see, I made 6 rows of 8 colors. Every row, can be taken out, seperatly, because it is attached to the inside covers by using velcro.
I added Page protectors to: 1. Keep the foams in place and 2. to make sure the foams would dry out on me. The protecting sheets closes by velcro.
Top vieuw:
As you can see, the front and back rows, will close perfect over the * spare row* on the inside binding.
And here's the back cover:

Here is my (first ever) video I did, for this Binder.

That's it for today..... Have a great Sunday!!!!!


5 opmerkingen:

Jennie Atkinson zei

This is a totally amazing project Paulien and your video tutorial was fantastic. I do hope you do some more!

It was a great day - I enjoyed every minute of it and all the DT and ET team had created a wonderful day for us all.

Martha zei

Prachtig is dit!!!

Lisa zei

I totally love this Paulien!!! I am almost done...I think. Thank you so much for sharing this!!! Amazing!!!

♥ Danielle ♥ zei

Dat heb je mooi gedaan hoor vind het knap van je
Ben meteen even wezen kijken bij SWIRLYDOOS en daar staat de tutorial helemaal op
Je hebt er een prachtige Storage Binder van gemaakt
En trouwens je engels was goed hoor!!!!
Lieve groet van je schoonzus Danielle

ingrid zei

wow!! this is just amazing....sooo creative!!! LOVE IT!