zondag 4 september 2011

Something new coming to Swirlydoos!!!!

Swirlydoos is proud to introduce to you our brand new monthly challenge.... SwirlyHues!! Our Design Team has been working like crazy and keeping the details of this challenge super top secret! Even the most skilled interrogators have failed at their attempts to squeeze information from them!

Come on over to our blog on 9/10/11 and get all of the details including information on our inaugural prize!!

This challenge will be open to everyone, not just our subscribers! Come on over and join in the party....swirly style!

donderdag 1 september 2011

September's Tag

A very quick post from me today, cause it is our youngest daughter,
Megan her birthday. And we have some company over in let's say....
5 minutes or so.

So here's this month's tag:

Supplies needed: Ranger Craft tag - some old bookpages - 3 cut out butterflies - Tacky Glue - Sanding paper - Distress ink: Tumbled Glass, Bundle Sage, Spun Sugar, Frayed Burlap, Walnut stain
Embossing ink (I used Versamark) - Utee (clear) - Diamond Stickles
Voile or Organza - Lace - Painters tape or masking tape - Foam tape Ribbon or seambinding - Old key - Calender stamp or printed calender buttercup flower - Tweezers - Heat tool - Hot glue gun

Cut out 3 butterflies. Mine are almost 1.5 inch wide and a little under 1 inch high.
Cover you tag, completely with the old bookpages. I did mine in little pieces cause I like the texture. Sand your edges.
Give your tag some color, by using Tumbled Glass and Bundle Sage Distress ink. Distress the edges of your tag.
Cut a 2 circles, one of white cardstock and one out an old bookpage. The circles measure's 1.5 inch.
Glue them together and distress and ink the edges.
Glue 1 of the butterflies in the circle and cover the entire surface with embossing ink.
Poor some Utee over it and heat set it. Let it cool and get your tweezers out. Hold the butterfly with your tweezer and heat it again, while HOT, again poor some Utee over it. Repeat this till you have add 4 layers of Utee. Set it aside and let it cool for about 10 minutes.
On the 2 other butterflies... ink their edges ( I used Frayed Burlap) and get them a good cover of embossing ink and repeat the steps,
like you did with the butterfly on the circle. Again, let it cool.
That part is very important!!!
You'll now have something like this.

Take your, completly cooled down, circle with the butterfly on it and start bending it carefully. The circle will crack, like broken glass.
Work some Walnut Stain Distress ink, into the cracks.
Do the same with the other 2 butterflies.
(I must say, I saw this idea for the broken glass, from one of my dear friends Patti Hamil)
Cut a strip of voile or organza about 2 inches wide and 13 inches long.
Glue one end to the bottom of your tag.
We want to start to ruffle the voile. Add a little amount of hot glue, to the center of your tag. Flip your voile over it and start crawling with your fingers, working the voile towards you. It will give you an awesome ruffle.
Do this of the entire lenght of your tag.
Add some extra color to the background of your tag, by using Spun SUgar Distress ink and some more Bundle Sage.
Cut some pieces of lace, of the entire lenght of your tag.
Fold some of the voile back, and let a painters tape hold it in place.
Put a stripe of hot glue, and glue you lace down, like in the picture.
Repeat this step for the other side.
Till you have something that looks like this.
Put a strip of foamtape in the middle of your ruffle.
Take some ribbon ( I used seambinding) and run it through your tag. The front part will be sticking to the foam-adhesive.
Tie a bow, add some lace and glue an old key to your bow.
Stamp your calender. Cut the left bottom corner off.
These are the embellies I'm gonna used to complete this tag.
Add a small piece of lace across the bottom of your tag, and glue your calander in an angle to your tag.
Glue your circle-butterfly in the middle of your ribbon. Place one of the other butterflies, just a little under the bow.
You have now 1 butterfly left.
glue the last butterfly at the bottom and glue the rest of your embellies to your tag. For the final touch, I rubbed some Diamond stickles across my tag.

Hope you like this mont's tag.
If you have any questions.... feel free to ask.