dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Using my flowers

Thank you all for your lovely comments, on yesterday's post.
It is so fun to read that you are gonna give those flowers a try yourself.
If you happen to have any questions about the tutorial, feel free to ask.

What I wanted to add... Is that the layer of Gesso... is to firm up the
petals. Your babywipe will be easier to cut, this way.

I used some of them on my next page

I first started with this lovely sheet of Pink Paislee, Parisian Anthology line,
which I gave a little white washing, with watered down Gesso.
I then stamped on in with my text stamp, using archival ink.
Then I painted a rectangle, with peeled paint crackle paint. On top of that I painted another rectangle with Gesso. Placed my picture and flowers.
Here are some close ups: (if you click on the pics they will show up much clearer)

I added some puffy paint to that lovely aqua Prima flower, and layered a handmade flower on it. The little rose was first sprayed with glimmermist and then I tipped it, with a little crackle paint.

The letters are white Thickers which I stamped on (lightly) and sprayed with glimmermist. also added a few spots of crackle paint, to blend in with the background.

For the big white flower.... it was actually a red, Prima, one... I added several layers of Gesso and heatset it up close... blow a few bubbles in it (I know that you normally shouldn't do that, but I liked it) the last layer I added diamond dust and some glitter in the wet Gesso, let it air dry.

That bubbly wire, is just regular wire (which you can find in the home department store)
I mixed puffy paint and peeled paint crackle paint together and brushed it on the wire. Got it all covered up and heat set it for the puffy paint to puff. Then shaped it, using my paint brush handle. (liked it a lot!!!)

These clear treasure's I got from Angelica when I bought something from her Etsy store. she added them as a little thank you gift. (thank you Ang!!)
I glued them on the lace using my hot glue gun.

Really... these flowers... I just love them. So I want to thank Romy, for mentioning them.

Hope you all enjoy your day.


maandag 16 mei 2011

Flower tutorial

How come, doing this tutorial:
A few friends and I were chatting away, when it was Romy who pointed us
at the new uploaded projects of Ingvild Bolme
and Romy esp pointed out, the flowers Ingvild used on her cards. Because she loves them to pieces!!! So... I went off to Ingvild her blog and started searching for these flowers, cause Romy said.... Ingvild had something to do with designing these Gorgeous Corine Collection flowers. Me.... who loves creating flowers, thought of using baby-wipes for the petals, and that is... how this tutorial came to life.

Anyway... here's what you need:
supplies needed: baby-wipes - aluminium foil - brayer - Gesso - distress inks (any color you want) - Puffy paint - crackle paint (I used peeled paint) - heatgun - thread (you might wanna use some waxcoated thread) - scraps of cardstock - hot glue gun - tweezer - black acrylic paint - glimmermist or iridescent medium.

Before you can get to work:
Take a baby wipe and let it dry completely, before you color it.
You can color it with distress inks or mists, what ever you want.
After coloring, let it airdry.

Take a piece of aluminium foil and add a medium layer of gesso to it

Get your colored babwipe and place it over the layer of Gesso.

Get another piece of aluminium foil and place it over it. Kinda like sandwich it between the layers of aluminium foil. Brayer it. (yes.... mine is not a fancy one...lol)

now get your 1 side coated baby wipe off of it and let it dry completely.

here comes the fun part:
You can now start cutting your petals.
I fold my baby wipe a couple of times, before cutting.

Get your puffy paint out and add it to your petals, let it air dry for an hour or so

Take your heatgun out and heatset the puffy paint.

You might want to use your tweezer to hold the petals. If you heat it just a LITTLE longer the petals will start shaping a bit. Don't heat it too long, or your petal will burn.

For the stamen I used regular thread, (wax coated is perfect for this) which I cut in pieces. Dip the ends
in a mix of puffypaint and, color of your choice, crackle paint. (I used peeled paint)
heatset the ends of your thread.

repeat this step for as many stamen you want ( I used 5 pieces of thread, which give me 10 tiny stamen)

Cut 2 small circles. don't need to be perfect. and punch a hole in one of them.

Get a couple stamen together, and stick them through a little circle of cardstock.

Glue the ends at the bottom

Place another little cardstock circle on top.

You have now created your base for you flower. (you may want to cut the ends, that are sticking out)

Now glue your petals to your base.
first layer:

second layer:

You can add some dimension... by glue-ing a row of pearl strand first to the base,
something like this:

You can give your flower a light shimmer by using glimmermist or like I did, using some Iridescent medium.

The little black spots on the petals:... I made, using my tweezer, dipping it in black acrylic paint.

and your done!! Aren't they cute??

Hope you have fun with them.

I'll be back tomorrow, to show you a layout on which I used these babies!!!


zondag 15 mei 2011

new flowers

these are inspired by Ingvild Bolme her
Corine Flower Collection,

and by Romy... how???
I'll tell tomorrow, when I post my step by step tutorial.

here some close ups:

like I said... I'll post a photo tutorial tomorrow

hint:..... you might wanna get some baby-wipes.


zaterdag 14 mei 2011

the sweetest day

that is the name of my next page.

I had a little play with my new Prima Marketing stamp, which I love so much!!!

and some close ups:

The chipboard fence and hingie I got from Faye... ( THANK YOU )
And are from 3Tails

Hope you all enjoy the weekend.


dinsdag 10 mei 2011

oh oh.... a day late

I'm sorry.... I promissed to post this yesterday.

Anyway..... This post will contain my solution for the storage
of your ink foam-pads... these things were in bags, in buckets... nothing worked or me.
So ..... with my guest design kit from MCS I created this storage.

This is the front cover of my foam-pad storage album.
and here are some close ups:

The inside (flat):

standing up:

and the back cover

You can find a step by step tutorial here

You can also find my *stamping with lace* technique there, and lots of other great tips and tricks.

I'm very happy with the result, cause I don't have to dig into bags, no more!!

Have a great day


zondag 8 mei 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

To all!!!!

Just posting real quick some more projects which I did for MCS.
For this page I did a fun technique, which will be up in the
*how I did that* thread at MCS. You can find this thread under tips&trics.

The green outside border.... I stamped using my lace as a stamp. So check the
How I did that thread.


okay... don't know what happened here with the sizes....
then my last page

Yep... That is little me.

I also did another card, cause I just love my scraps.'

Tomorrow I'll be back with my last project, which... I think is a great solution to my storage problem. lol

Please do click on the pictures to get a better vieuw. I don't know why they are not clear enough on my blog post......

Then: Mireille.... BIG HUGS!!!!!!!!

Have a lovely sunday everyone!!!!!