maandag 16 mei 2011

Flower tutorial

How come, doing this tutorial:
A few friends and I were chatting away, when it was Romy who pointed us
at the new uploaded projects of Ingvild Bolme
and Romy esp pointed out, the flowers Ingvild used on her cards. Because she loves them to pieces!!! So... I went off to Ingvild her blog and started searching for these flowers, cause Romy said.... Ingvild had something to do with designing these Gorgeous Corine Collection flowers. Me.... who loves creating flowers, thought of using baby-wipes for the petals, and that is... how this tutorial came to life.

Anyway... here's what you need:
supplies needed: baby-wipes - aluminium foil - brayer - Gesso - distress inks (any color you want) - Puffy paint - crackle paint (I used peeled paint) - heatgun - thread (you might wanna use some waxcoated thread) - scraps of cardstock - hot glue gun - tweezer - black acrylic paint - glimmermist or iridescent medium.

Before you can get to work:
Take a baby wipe and let it dry completely, before you color it.
You can color it with distress inks or mists, what ever you want.
After coloring, let it airdry.

Take a piece of aluminium foil and add a medium layer of gesso to it

Get your colored babwipe and place it over the layer of Gesso.

Get another piece of aluminium foil and place it over it. Kinda like sandwich it between the layers of aluminium foil. Brayer it. (yes.... mine is not a fancy

now get your 1 side coated baby wipe off of it and let it dry completely.

here comes the fun part:
You can now start cutting your petals.
I fold my baby wipe a couple of times, before cutting.

Get your puffy paint out and add it to your petals, let it air dry for an hour or so

Take your heatgun out and heatset the puffy paint.

You might want to use your tweezer to hold the petals. If you heat it just a LITTLE longer the petals will start shaping a bit. Don't heat it too long, or your petal will burn.

For the stamen I used regular thread, (wax coated is perfect for this) which I cut in pieces. Dip the ends
in a mix of puffypaint and, color of your choice, crackle paint. (I used peeled paint)
heatset the ends of your thread.

repeat this step for as many stamen you want ( I used 5 pieces of thread, which give me 10 tiny stamen)

Cut 2 small circles. don't need to be perfect. and punch a hole in one of them.

Get a couple stamen together, and stick them through a little circle of cardstock.

Glue the ends at the bottom

Place another little cardstock circle on top.

You have now created your base for you flower. (you may want to cut the ends, that are sticking out)

Now glue your petals to your base.
first layer:

second layer:

You can add some dimension... by glue-ing a row of pearl strand first to the base,
something like this:

You can give your flower a light shimmer by using glimmermist or like I did, using some Iridescent medium.

The little black spots on the petals:... I made, using my tweezer, dipping it in black acrylic paint.

and your done!! Aren't they cute??

Hope you have fun with them.

I'll be back tomorrow, to show you a layout on which I used these babies!!!


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Κατερινα zei

hi Paulien!thanks for a beautifull tutorial!!!

Marcita zei

oooh schitteren Paulien. Bedankt voor de beschrijving. Moet helaas eerst aan de poets hier :o( Maar leg de babydoekjes vast te drogen ;o)

Connie zei

oooh wat mooi Paulien. Bedankt voor de beschrijving. Moet helaas eerst aan de poets hier in huis, maar leg de babydoekjes vast te drogen ;o)

Connie zei

Ooooh wat mooi Paulien! Bedankt voor je omschrijving. Moet helaas eerst aan de poets, maar leg de doekjes vast te drogen! Echt supermooi!

Scraplijn zei

Oh wat een geweldige tutorial weer. Ik ben gek op jouw bloemen. deze ga ik zeker weer eens maken!!
Dank je wel!!!!
groetjes Marjolijn.

Bonnie aka Cinnabon zei

Sweet, Paulien! Did you double up your thread when you made the stamen? Or did you use a thicker thread? Lovely flower!

Sandi Smith zei

Wow...awesome tutorial and the end result looks amazing! How creative are you!!!

Corine van der Zee zei

Helemaal te gek! En..... ze dragen nog wel mijn naam! Hoe geweldig is dat hahahhaaa. Dank je wel voor de tutorial!!!

Groetjes Corine

♥~Dawn B.~♥ zei

Paulien thanks so much for the tutorial on these super cool flowers. Dawn♥

Susie Little zei

Gorgeous!xx Thanks for sharing!xx

Cee zei

Geweldig, ga het zeker uitproberen.

Vicky Alberto zei

Amazing flower, wow you have a lot of patience and TALENT!!!

Oeneke zei

Schitterende bloemen, bedankt voor de tutorial, mijn gesso doekjes liggen te drogen

marjon zei

wat een gave tutorial!

Jolanda zei

flabbergasting fabulous! Dank je wel voor deze duidelijke uitleg. Ik ben helemaal weg van je bloemen en ga dit zeker uitproberen!!

Lenet zei

super zeg..bedankt

Rein zei

Mooie bloemen Paulien,
bedankt voor de uitleg!

wendy scrappings zei

oh wat gaaf zeg!!!! Dank je wel voor het delen. Heb hier nog wel ergens wat geverfde keukenrol papiertjes liggen. Daar zal het vast ook prima mee gaan.

zandra zei

Wow, fabulous! I'll have to give these a try. Thanks for sharing.
Hugz, Z

Karen Shady zei

these are totally brilliant Paulien xx.. thankyou so much for sharing your idea xx

Lisa zei

Paulien these are beautiful. I have tried them and they really are fun to make but a lot of work. But worth it for the end result!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

Boukje zei

Dank je wel voor je tutorial! 'k Heb ze gemaakt en er een kaart mee gemaakt. Staat op mijn blog met een verwijzing naar hier.
Groetjes Boukje.

Tinklestar zei

Wat een gave bloemen Paulien! Er is wat geduld voor nodig, maar het resultaat is erg gaaf, dank voor de tutorial!

scrapping queen zei

Oh these are just lovely and thank
you for sharing your idea making this flower.

Sandi Cl~ zei

Gorgeous! Love how you've made your stamen .. will definitely give that a try!

Pendra zei

Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful flowers and the tutorial with us! This is so creative... who would have thought, baby wipes (you) and used dryer sheets (Gabi)... only very artist & very creative people can come up with this and have it be soooo beautiful!

jannekevanveen zei

thanks for sharing it's beautiful hugs Janneke

mbabka zei

Fantastyczny kwiat, świetny kurs! Pozdrowienia z Polski

Scraplijn zei

Wat vreselijk jammer dat je foto's er niet meer bij staan Paulien, ik wilde vandaag eens van die prachtige bloemen maken. Heb je daar voortaan workshops mee oid. Ik mis je prachtige uitleg op je blog.

Scraplijn zei


Scraplijn zei

Ze staan op mijn blog Paulien, nogmaals heel veel dank!!!!