maandag 27 april 2015

Swirlydoos - Card Tutorial

Happy Monday everyone!
This card tutorial is up a little later than planned, due to updating the Swirlydoos site.
But, here it is!
And here's how it came together.
I cut my base card at 5.3/8 x 7.1/2. The fold is on the left.

I cut another piece of PP at 4.1/8 x 7.1/4 I distressed and inked the edges.

The first 2 layers were glued like this.

Then I cut this piece of PP at 3.3/8 x 5.3/4

I tore it like so, and lightly distressed the edges and inked them up.
          The triangle piece was also inked using Walnut Stain Distress Ink. See those thin stripes?

To create them I simply pinched the paper

 And dabbed the crease onto my inkpad (walnut stain)
And this is how it came out. I love the delicate distressed inked marks

 I glued the triangle peace right to the pink paper.
The floral piece was raised using a piece of cardboard.
However, I didn't glued it down yet.
 I cut another strip of PP at 1.1/4 x 6.3/8 The patern of this strip. is on the back of that pink paper below in the picture.

I spritzed the paper strip with water. Once on the front, once on the back. Then start to crumple it
up/ruffle it up, till I liked it. Then I wrapped some thread around it and glued the ends of the thread
to the backside, using hot glue.
 From the smallest doily that comes in the Main Kit, I used the marked piece
And glued it from under the floral paper. The ruffled strip was glued at the right top and I added 3 Pearls on top of the thread.
 I cut a little tag (from cardstock) at 3.1/2 x 2.7/8
I distressed and inked the edges and added some thread.
 Yes, it is true, I cut this beautiful piece in half, and used the bottom half on my card.

I placed it under my tag, which was raised with cardboard. I started to shuffle my other embellies around until I liked it. The butterflies were first treated with Distress Paint Picket Fence.
Whilst the paint was still wet, I sprinkled 1 of the butterflies with Diamond Dust Ultra Fine glitter. The other one got sprayed with a plum color mist.
Ater that dried I added some Stickles in Diamond.  
After I glued everything down, I added some beads under the doily sticker that comes in the Main Kit.
Using Stazon in Jet Black, I stamped my sentiment.

 The pearls on the tag were glued down using Beacon's Gem-Tac.
I was about to call it done, but found that it was missing something.
 So I took the little half, sticker doily and glued a few beads to the backside and on the bottom part
of the doily I added 2 layers of (leftover) chipboard.
When the beads were dry I placed this little sticker, from under my tag. Like so
This is how the sticker flows above the background paper, only because of the added beads underneath. I often use beads to raise things. Especially when I work with acetate pieces.
And now, I officially called it done.
Below are some close up's of the card.
I hope you like it and that the tutorial gave you some inspiration.

THANK YOU, for being your patience and for your ever so lovely comments.


zaterdag 11 april 2015

Swirlydoos - Saturday tutorial day

Happy Saturday Everyone!!
I've got something different than a card this time, and I hope you like it.

The base of this wall hanging is a heart shaped mdf, but you could also make this on a card base, or even on a layout.

Here's my How To:

Like I said, my base was a mdf heart, which I painted with Prima Blackboard paint (which came in an previous Medium AddOn.

From the March, Main Kit, I used the metal bead chain, and wanted to repeat the heart shape with it.

With a pencil I drew a rough sketchy line, to know where to add glue.

to give the chain a little more stability I re-wired it on metal-wire. I found that the quickest way to do that, was to leave the Original thread in it and just poke through the holes of the beads.

I didn't comit to tie the knots at the end just yet, I gave it some room, because I'd like to be able to shape it.

First I add Beacon Gem-Tac to one half, let it sit for 2 minutes.

In the meantime I cut randomly a piece of the bling-sheet we got and spritzed it with the darkest color spray from the medium AddOn. You can also fill the little circles with liquid Pearls or stickles, whatever you like.

Back to the bead-chain. I pressed the beads into the glue, holding it down for a minute and then place something heave on it, and gave it 5 minutes to dry. I repeated this step for the other half as well. I also glued the randomly cut bling to the side of the heart.

These flowers are going to be stack. I inked the edges of the lightest flower

I used Fabri-Tac to glue the flowers together. (I believe Krissy has these adhesives in store)

These are the main embellies I'm going to use on my heart shaped base.

I move them around, till I like the way it looks. This process can sometimes take me a lot of time.

I pretty much stayed to my layout and glued everything down. I still think that there is missing something

So I got my box of bits of metal pieces

And finally selected these ones. The Arrow is cut from grungeboard and got treated with Silver and Gold Paint Dabbers, and after heatset it, I ran Archival inkpad (Jet Black) over it.

I glued the Arrow and circle right under the Petaloo flower

And the other parts around the Prima Antique Cloch.

At the right top, I added another bliece of bling-sheet, and I added a piece of seambinding ribbon, to hang it up.

Because all of the adding stuff on the front, I needed to balance it. To do that I glued, flat, metal pieces to the backside. I keep adding till it was balanced out.

And I called it done. I hope you like it.

This is a Design Team project I created for Swirlydoos Scrapbook Kit Club.
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Have a lovely weekend!