dinsdag 25 januari 2011

what kind of bike do you prefer?

my daughter loves her
*grandma bike*
you know, the old fashion ones.

And when I saw a picture
Mireille Divjak took, of a snowed in
bike, I couldn't help myself, I had
to take a picture of my daughter's
beloved bike. She always wanted
that kind of bike, but with the
kilometers she has to make, wasn't it
the best option. Anyway...
her wish became reality, she got her bike.

I created the next page for her.

I know, it is a little over the top,
but it means much to her, so....

Just printed out some old photographs, for
my next page, which will be about
little me. he hee... I have mixed
feelings about them tho.

The weather here is quit lovely.
Sun is shining and it is not too cold either,
so I'll be outside for a little while.
longing for spring to be here soon!!


5 opmerkingen:

Luz Maria Bruna zei

oow my friend this layout is well AMAZING,love the soft colours and how you placed the flowers!!!

natje zei

Beautiful flowers!
Lovely LO!


Scrappin out of the Box zei

Gorgeous layout!!

Mrs Frizz zei

wow - totally gorgeous ...

Tracey zei

Well Ashley certainly has her own style and I can imagine she has definite ideas of what she likes and doesn't like - including bikes ! Stunning colours and details as always, you amaze me the way you can turn a seemingly ordinary photo into something very very special, it is lovely to see the smaller things scrapped as these are precious memories too xxx