zondag 27 februari 2011

March Tag with photo tutorial.

Hello everyone,

It is time for my monthly tag,
and I decieded to do another
photo tutorial on it.
here it is:

I just love the texture on this tag.
anyway... here we go

Supplies needed: Ranger Craft tag 8# - Gesso -
Archival jet black - Clear embossing powder -
Flourish stamp - Text stamp - Calender stamp -
sentiment stamp or rubons - sandpaper -
brushes - ink blending tool -
Distress ink: Bundle Sage, Victorian Velvet,
Frayed Burlap - Diamond Stickles -
Tulip Puffy Paint white - 3 Butterflies -
Zig glue pen - glitter - tule -
little piece of ribbon - 3 tiny roses -
rhinestones - pearl strand - Tiny Attacher
and your Hot glue gun.

First we take our tag and flourish stamp.
Ink your stamp with Archival jet black and
stamp your image in the bottom right corner.

Cover your stamped image with clear embossing powder
( you have to work quickly since Archival is quick drying)
and heat set it.

It should look as shiny as in the picture.

Take a small amount of Gesso and put it
on your craft sheet.

Water it down a little, till it looks like youghurt.

Cover your entire tag with the watered down gesso.
if it leaves some texture, please let it. It gives
it only more charm. heat dry it, and let it cool.

Get your sand paper out, and sand over the stamped
image. Don't sand it all the way through.

Tear a corner off of a paper towel and use it
to positioning your text.

Stamp with your text stamp over it, using Archival.

It should look something like this.

Use your Bundle Sage Distress ink, to color the bottom right corner.

Use your Victorian Velvet and color the top and left side of your tag.

It should look something like this.

Distress your edges with a edge distresser of scissors.
Ink your edges with Frayed Burlap Distress ink.

It should look something like this.

Get a small amount of Diamond Stickles on your tag
and spread it out over your tag.

It looks something like this.

Get 3 butterflies out. You can use punched out butterflies or
like I did... 3 lasercut butterflies. Ink them up.

looks something like this.

Get 2 small amounts of white Puffy Paint and mix
one with Victorian Velvet and one with Bundle Sage or Peeled Paint distress ink.
Pounch it onto the butterflies with either your finger or a flat brush.
Heatset it. The puffy paint will start to puff.

They will look something like this.

Then applie some liquid glue onto the wings of the butterfly
and sprinkle your glitter over it. if you don't have glitter,
you can use diamond stickles over the wings.

They come out something like this.

Stamp your calender.
and cut 2 strips of tule. (1.5 inch by 8 inch)

Glue one strip of tule at the top right and ruffle it up.

Something like this.

Glue a scrap of ribbon over it and glue 1 of the butterflies
on top of it using your hot glue gun.

Glue the other strip of tule at the bottom left.

Distress your stamped calender and staple it onto the tag.

Get some rhinestones (I used square ones) and glue some
onto your calender and at the top as the butterfly's trail.
Also get some extra gesso to the tag, at the spot where you
want your sentiment to be, for extra texture. Heat set it
upclose so that you blow bubbles. Let it cool down.

Get your tiny roses and cut off their stems. Don't throw them
away, we gonna use them later. Color 2 of the roses.
Get some more rhinestones and a piece or pearl strand
and glue it down at the right bottom of your tag.
Glue the other 2 butterflies together at the body parts, and
glue them down, right above your calender.

Curl your stems and tone them down a little using Gesso.
Glue them to the back of your calender.

It should look something like this.

Get some pearl strand and glue it around
your ribbon at the top.

Get your sentiment stamp, ink it up, using Archival
and stamp it onto your tag.

It should look something like this.

Your tag is almost done.
Get some ribbons, after your own taste
and run them through your tag.

Here are some close up pictures of the tag.

These lasercuts Butterflies are by:
www.3tails.com they have amazing lasercuts.

I hope you liked this tutorial.
If there are any questions, please feel free to ask.
I'll be happy to answer them.


zaterdag 26 februari 2011

Happy Birthday

my sweet sweet DASHA!!!!!

Our Dasha turned 1 today and she
means so much for our family!!!
I could never have thought of
the love she gives. She always
is so thrilled when she see's us...
She is the cutest - sweetest and
bestest friend a person could
wish for.

I totally forgot to post the card
that I created for Faye. The lady
who send me all those gorgeous
laser cuts. We were in a card-
swapp together and I posted the
card I recieved from her, but not
the one I created for her.
So here it is:

We are gonna have some cake
later on... yummie

Wishing you all a very happy