woensdag 30 maart 2011

Hi there

I'm still alive.... lol
Sorry for not posting lately, but I was busy for my Guest Designing, for
My Creative Scrapbook. The sneak peeks are up in the forum so if you want to
take a peek, look HERE

I also worked on a project for my brother (who turned 50 years old)
Here's the story behind this project.
I asked my brother if he had special wishes for his birthday. Something nice that I could get him. He answered me, gave me a choice between 4 of his wishes.
1. He would like to get a house in a fancy neighborhood
2. A diamond ring
3. A window cleaner (on call)
4. A bottle of sticker remover (cause someone had glued balloons to his car)

Well obvious.... any of the things he asked for, was no option....lol
So I created him this wall hanging, which looks like a card, and inside of it
we put a lotto ticket. (hope he wins a BIG PRIZE)

and some close ups:

here you can see his house in a fancy neighborhood.

here you can see his, sticker remover

and in the middle of these dangles, is a diamond ring.
I wrote a little story on the inside about the window cleaner being on vacation and stuff.... anyway.... he liked it. Now all I hope is that he wins. BIG TIME!!!

That is what I can share for now.... I'll be back soon with my monthly tag and photo tutorial and of course to post the projects I created for MCS.

Have a great day,

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Anita zei

I'm sure that your brother loved this card. All his wishes come true in one fell swoop. I'm sure he will be willing to wait for the window cleaner to come back from his hols!
Waiting in anticipation for next months tag and tutorial and your MCS creations.
Anita xx

Jolanda zei

heel gaaf!!

Ёлка zei

Очень красиво!!!

Tracey zei

I am laughing out loud at your brothers requests - from the sublime to the ridiculous lol, men !!!!! they are always so hard to please. I love the way you cleverly incorporated the ring, remover and posh house into his wall hanging, this is superb and so clever and manly all at the same time - you clever girl, keeping my fingers crossed that his Lotto ticket is a lucky one xxx

Lisa zei

Wow Paulien,
I bet he loved this. Such beautiful work as always!!! Will go and check out you MCS work also. Hope you had fun with that. Take care!!!

Luz Maria Bruna zei

Can´t wait to see what you created my friend and the present for your brother is amazing and also so funny!!!

Tracey ~ GardenOfGrace zei

Wow, Paulien! This is just gorgeous! I know your brother will enjoy this!


Corine van der Zee zei

Super gaaf!!!

Groetjes Corine