dinsdag 8 mei 2012

Yah... I got my Swirlydoos kit

It was late this month, but so worth the waiting!!! lol
Here's is a picture of the Swirlydoos May, * So Chic * kit

Today is Card Day over at Swirlydoos, and as you know, the card section is under my wings.
Every week I think of something new and do a step by step photo tutorial.
I post the rules at the bottom of each tutorial and each challenge has a deadline of 5 weeks.
Yep that's right. 5 weeks
The challenge is open to anyone
So if you feel like making some cards, Come on over and play along.

Today it was time for: Shapes or Fun things.
(which means, shapes of cards or fun little boxes etc etc)

And for today I wanted to do a different shape of card. So I put my thinking cap on and came up with this design:

and some close ups:

This card design, is awesome for a Mothersday card, don't you think?!

A step by step photo tutorial for,  *how* I created this card can be found here:

Well I better get my butt off of here, cause I have some scrapping to do, with that Gorgeous May kit.
I hope to see you at Swirlydoos.


3 opmerkingen:

Marley zei

gaaf!!! xMarley

Gvendalen zei

very beautiful project. Thanks for the your tutorial.
Helena x

ingrid zei

oh my......this is just STUNNING Paulien!!! LOVE that shape! xxx