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Second reveal Swirlydoos

Hello there,
Today I'm going to share my last projects, I made with Swirlydoos April kit.
This kit was so super gorgeous and I still have some papers left.
Krissy always packs our kits with the most gorgeous stuff!
This page is based on this month's sketch, which is absolutely amazing.

 I wanted lots of dimension on this page and this beautiful Prima paper has such a beautiful center that I wanted to raise it. The butterfly was actually in my way (of the plan I had) so I cut half of it, with my craftknife to pop up the wing.
 In this picture you can see how high the center part is raised of the background.
 I was so in love with the Prima wood embellishments that came in the kit.
The easily fit on every page.
 And look at that gorgeous Merci flower... so so pretty!
 I also loved those awesome "stitches" stickers. They are perfect for adding some details.
 I found this shell kind of thingie in a floral shop and thought that it was a great base for my flowers.
Get Well.
 For this card I used up some of the scraps I had left, and even some things that came in previous Swirlydoos kits.
 Remember these Prima Got flowers? Yes they are old. I've been hoarding them for quit some years.
 I glued some metal ball chain underneath the flowers, hanging down toward the sentiment.
 Just some fun detail.
 I highlighted the place where I wanted my sentiment to go. I used Gesso to do so.
These are some flowers from the previous kits. Also those satin rhinestone leaves.
And my last project with the April kit, is also my Round Robin layout.
This layout need some explaining though, so ............ here we go:
 BARE with me!!! My printer died, so I had to come with a solution.
This page might be silly to you, but it means so much to me. I'll explain a bit.
Seeing my daughter being pregnant and me becoming a grandma, gets me mushy all the time!
Whilst doing some gardening this week, I found this little baby doll, all covered up in mud.
This is one of the dolls my daughter used to play with.
I gave it a nice warm bath and whilst doing so, I got a bit emotional (can't be preggers hormones)
and well, long story short... I decided to use it for a page. To closure the childhood of my daughter
and to celebrate the new baby to be born. I'm really looking forward to it. (hence the title)
The big doily represents the womb, where he is savely growing. The (sun) bursting:
represents the birth and the joy he will be giving us (2 way thinking)
The colored voile and cotton balls, stands for the love he will be surrounded with.
In the Netherlands we have a saying: laying him in cotton balls, which means something like: 
Treat a person with all the love you have in you and nursing over him. Make sure he feels loved.
The distressed edges rubbed with gesso, stand for the raw diamont that needs to be polished, which
means, raising him up to a sweet caring boy. The messy thread behind the flowers... he hee....
stands for the fizzles/crazyness (I know that for sure) he will give his mom. Topped off with a flower,
which means, for every problem is a solution and with patience, it will be all good in the end.
So here's my page:
Looking Forward Meeting You!
 Do I have you in stitches??? LOL

 Some more Prima Got flowers.

 I colored my voile with 1 drop of Stormy Skye Distress reinker and some Iridescent Medium.

 To keep all those sunburst/banner looking strips of paper in place, I glued beads underneath them.

I added some gesso with my palet knife and gave the Prima alpha sticker a Iridescent edge.
My May kit is already waiting for me. And once again... an amazing kit.
We will ofcourse have a Reveal - Blog Hop, so.... watch this space or even better......
Go to Swirlydoos and say Hi

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